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sharing, learning, giving and receiving.

Coaching: 'The mirror"

For over thirty years, I have spent my life with musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds. It is by listening to them that I've leaned my trade. I accompanied and served international artists on stage and in the studio. By rubbing shoulders with them and observing them carefully, I was able to grasp the different processes of creation and development.

From there, I had to invent my personal path in order to improve, reach my goals and become a professional, just as those who have followed a more classical musical training. This great school has undoubtedly made me more enduring.


Since I've lead bands and every time I direct a project for an artist, I always try to push the musicians to give the best of themselves. I would like now to offer this experience to others in the form of personal coaching.


At a certain level of learning, a musician reaches levels and needs to question himself in order to

improve further on an artistic, technical, harmonic or rhythmic level. This is easier said than done. I can be a “mirror” for them, offering them an external and objective look. Together we set up an inventory to help them overcome the blockages.


For me, the most important, and perhaps the most difficult element to find, is the "purpose" of the musician – what does he "tell" his listeners. We can play hours and hours of very well executed notes and yet transmit no feeling whatsoever. Technical mastery is one thing, but beyond that, there are the emotions the musician has to convey through his instruments or voice, in order to touch his audience. From this point of view, for the vocalists, a sufficient mastery of the language in which they sing seems necessary to me.


Hence, the coaching sessions will begin with a careful and precise listening session os at least 1,5 hours to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of musician. They will continue with a constructive exchange in the form of dialogue and exercise, the aim of which is to allow the musician to find more freedom in his music, more comfort in expressing himself fully, and ultimately, to offer a unique and sincere experience to his audience. In this process, I will give an important place to improvisation, which, for me, is a way to access more truthfulness.


These coaching sessions concern all instrumentalists and singers, but also gexisting bands, composers or arrangers, in all styles of music, jazz, improvisation, song, rock, pop, Latin or African music, etc.




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