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The studio, first developed to meet my expectations as a great creative instrument for my albums, has reached, over the course of technical and acoustic improvements, the level of requirements that I had dreamed of for a long time which now allows me to host projects from other artists and producers.

Made up of a 20 m² "control room" in which one can also record 1 or 2 musicians, a 28 m² recording studio which meets the needs of recordings of drums, percussions or any other solo instrument, including lead vocals and choirs thanks to panels which modulate the space and the acoustics, and finally, a 50 m² lounge with its Yamaha S7X grand piano.
This lounge can also accommodate other instruments as needed.
Recordings of 1 to 5 musicians are therefore possible within the limit of 24 simultaneous tracks (128 in overdub) and 3 rooms.


Finally, it was with my friend Sébastien Chaigne, an acoustic engineer, that we "conceived" and improved the acoustics of each room so that it meets our expectations.

An audiovisual connection provides the visual link among the musicians in order to maintain the best cohesion of the group.
The years spent with my sound engineering friends such as Philippe Avril, Manu Guiot, Helik Hadar, Laurent Gatignol, Guillaume Thomas and many others, as well as my love for the tools which made the heyday of Anglo-Saxon and American musical production naturally led me to the brand NEVE for the preamplifiers and to a large fleet of microphones (AKG, Avatar, Slate digital, Josephson, Shure, Audix, Beyerdynamic…).
The sound is captured on Protools (2020) or Logic Pro X, with a 10-core iMac pro.
Mixing "in the box" is possible thanks to a large collection of plugins (Waves, Slate Digital, Fabfilter, Flux audio, Altiverb, Sonnox…)
The Amphion Two18 main monitors, digitally calibrated by an optimizer Trinnov ST2 pro, provide us great precision in sound recording and mixing.

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